Stick Welding Guide 2021

Stick Welding Guide 2021

Have you learn MIG welding and want to learn more advanced welding techniques? If yes, then you should look at our stick welding guide from start to end.

Stick welding is one of the most popular and advanced methods of professional welding compared to MIG welding and is a little more complex welding process.

If you are a professional welder, then there is more demand for stick welding nowadays, and your shop will be full of clients if you know very well about stick welding.

One of the best ways of learning stick welding is by getting training from a professional stick welder and the internet.

So if you don’t have time to do an internship with a professional welder, you can check our guide on stick welding step by step. So let’s dive into the stick welding guide.

What is the stick welding process?

Stick welding is also called shield metal Arc welding or manual metal Arc welding, which combines two metals using a welding machine.

To join two metals, the welding machine can do work on AC and DC currents, which create a welding Arc.

Lastly, the field of stick welding is trendy many years ago, like from 1930.

Working of stick welder

If you are new in the stick welding field and don’t know anything about this welding, we have discussed some essential stick welding details.

After reading the information about this welding, you will easily do some primary type of stick welding.

Equipment used in stick welding 

The most important thing in equipment is good to stick welder, and many types of stick welders are available in the market.

You need to select a stick welder, which should be available with safety features, small and portable so you can carry the machine where you want.

The second most crucial piece of equipment is that you should have a helmet to ensure your eyes and other face parts are safe from any damage.

Thirdly you need to have welding boats because you are working on heavy metals, and if any metal falls on your feet, it will damage your feed.

Also, use full sleeve shirts to make sure the security of your other body parts and many different types of equipment like an electrode, torch, etc. also included.

AC/DC currents

Some of the stick welders come with both options, while others come with a single choice. It would be best if you bought the machine with both the options.

DC is more popular than AC because it’s more stable and keeps the Arc stable and reliable.

While on the other hand, the AC is used to reduce the Arc blows, which create the Arc to bounce side by side.

Power capacity of the welder

The machine’s power capacity mostly depends on the project on which you want to work.

 But most of the professionals used an amperage of 300 or less, which more than enough for all the projects.

Some techniques for stick welding

After grabbing the stick welder, you need to read some of the techniques we have discussed below to know more about the machine.

Geometry technique 

Use geometry technique when joining two pieces of metal and which is very simple as you have learned geometry at your early age of school and college.

To join two pieces, you need to use clamps and make sure that the metal pieces are set flush with each other.

Amperage setting

This setting is essential in stick welding because if you set the amp range high, then the welder’s Arc will produce hot, and at low amp, the Arc produced will be cold.

So you need to set the amp range at mid so create perfect Arc and increase and decrease the amperage capacity.

Clean welding metal          

One of the roles of perfect stick welding is that the metal on which your working should be clean from any dust.

Steps to do while doing stick welding

Suppose you have purchased your stick welder and learned some basic things about welding. Now you need to follow these steps.

Get your necessary accessories together. 

First of all, you need a stick welder, then ground clamp and gear, gears like a jacket, helmet, and shoes.

Attach the ground clamp with the welding machine and attach it to the metal on the opposite side.


In the stick welding process, the best electrodes are 6013 and 7018, and each electrode has four series digit.

These digits on the electrode tell you about the electrodes’ strength and how much current your need to give it.

Arc usage 

When you want to use the Arc, you need to hold the torch in one hand and make sure there is power in the welder.

To create the Arc in the machine, you need to use an electrode, and if the electrode does not generate light and produce light, you need to twist your wrist quickly.

Final verdict 

Lastly, most of the stick welder makes many mistakes while stick welding, like creating more spatters and using the machine at too much power.

To avoid this mistake, you need to adjust the welder’s power setting and hold the electrode closer to the metal.

You need to select the best stick welder for perfect stick welding. You can check the best machines in our other post we have reviewed.

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