MIG welding guide 2021

MIG Welding Guide In 2021

MIG welding is different from TIG and sticks welding, and knowing everything about MIG welding, you need to read the full MIG welding guide from start to end.

As you know, welders can work in different positions at different sites, and they need two pieces of metal to join each other.

These welding machines can be used in different industries like car modification, repair and maintenance, decoration, pipe and tube industries, pharmaceutical industries, and many more.

If you don’t know anything about welding and want to enter this field, you need to decide which type of welding you want to learn from all these types of weddings.

In today’s modern era, MIG welding is the most popular form of welding, which differs from other types of welding and requires different welding machines, and material is also additional.

So don’t worry about how to do MIG welding, as we are here to help you and guide you about every aspect of MIG welding. Ok, let’s start.

Definition of MIG welding

The most popular and most straightforward welding process for the beginners as every entry-level welder start from MIG welding and gradually upgrade its skills and transfer to other welding processes.

In MIG welding, you need to use the welding gun, which creates a welding pool and electrodes connect to the welder and create Arc, which is used to transfer the current from the welding pool to metal.

MIG welding process is also called GMAW as this process uses gas Arc, and also you can get it to wire welding process because you can handle the welder by using a glue gun.

MIG welder working guide

An essential thing in the MIG welding process is knowing how the MIG welder works, what crucial parts in the machine play a vital role, and which material should be used for this type of welding.

Wire size

In the MIG welding process, feed wire is used in the welder, which mostly depends on what type of welder you are using and which metal you are working.

The wire used is measured by their diameter, and the standard size of the wire is considered 0.03 inches for almost all types of welding.

You can either change the diameter of the wire from thinner to thicker as you want.

Importance of gas 

The MIG welding depends on some gas, which provides the power and energy to the welding machine. You can use a combination of gas and the standard type of gas for most of the welding machines.

Importance of electrodes

The electrode is the wire that extends the machine from the torch and is an essential component of any MIG welding machine.

In most of the machines, the electrode used is 3/8, extending out it from the torch.

While starting the welder

When you are ready and want to do MIG welding, you need to know that everything in the welder is set according to the instruction manual before starting the welder.

Some welder comes with digital penal, which is easy to understand where you can set and adjust the current and other features.

On the other hand, some welders have no digital screen, so you need to adjust the machine’s settings manually.

Best MIG welders come with automatic feed for wire spool instead of manually adjusting feed when needed and pausing the machine every time.

How the MIG welding process work 

Firstly by doing MIG welding, you need to hold the trigger gun in your hand, and to create a weld pool, you need to place an electrode to the metal and melt the wire.

Secondly, by moving the electrode from the weld pool to the metal you want to weld, you will hold it at a very short distance from the metal.

Lastly, by doing some practice, you can learn this process easy and by using a steady hand and moving it back and forth from the welding pool to the metal you are working on, you can create accurate and robust weld on metal.

MIG welder setup process

One of the critical parts of the welding machine is knowing how to set up the device.

On the other hand, the MIG welder setup is straightforward and less time-consuming so let’s take a welder setup tour.

Check the screw

The adjusting screw is used on the cylinder of your welder just below the knob, and you need to make sure that the screw is so loose that you can easily twist the screw with one hand.

In addition to this, the measurement of this screw should reach from 10 to 15 10 to 15 CFH.

On the top of the gas cylinder, a handwheel is used to open and close the tank and increase and decrease the flow of the gas; you need to turn the knob.

Setup and other adjustments

When you set up the machine, you need to make other adjustments in the welder, like if you don’t need long feed wire, you can use clippers to cut the wire’s size.

Also, you need to adjust the voltages and current setting according to your job, like for different metals, the machine settings will be different.

Lastly, if you are using an electrode, you need to make sure that there is enough sticking of wire out from the torch’s end.

Types of gas used in MIG welder

In the MIG welding process, different types of gases, like CO2 gas or 75/25 blend gas, while 75/25 blend gas contains 75 percent argon gas and 25 percent CO2.

In addition to this, the 75/25 combination is the most popular method as it saves the electrode from burning and creates fewer spatters while giving you perfect welding output.

On the other hand, Single CO2 gas is best for working on thicker metal and allows you to penetrate the metal and reach a higher temperature.

Moreover, The downfall of CO2 is that it creates more spatters compared to blend gas and cannot work appropriately on bead applications.

Final verdict 

Lastly, we will give some tips for the welder entering this field and want to start from MIG welding; you should also keep flowing the things in mind.

Using a welding table make the process more manageable and comfortable

If the machine is creating more spatters and creating noise, it means that the wire speed is slow and consuming more power, so adjust the settings.

All the necessary equipment should be there before starting the welding, like the helmet, full sleeve dress, welding boats, etc.

You can get started from MIG welding and, after some skills, upgrade to other types of methods and can select the best MIG welder we have reviewed in our other blog post.


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