How TIG welding works 2021

How TIG Welding Works In 2021

TIG’s abbreviation is Tungsten Inert Gas, which is used to join two similar or different metals by melting them. In this blog post, we are going to discuss how tig welding works.

As the welder works on gas, some of the welders use shielding gas, and a gasless welder is available in the market?

 The fundamental purpose of the gas is that it passes from the tungsten metal electrode on the metal you are working with Arc and current.

 The electrode which is used in the welder is non-meltable, and it creates a current with the help of Arc.

On the other hand, the welder’s gas helps to protect the welder electrode from overheating.

And to protect the foot pedal, which is used in most of the welders.

TIG welding works perfectly on lots of materials like thin steel, mild steel, copper and aluminum welding, etc.

Control systems in the welder like overheating, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, and under current make the machine more reliable and secure.

how tig welding works



To improve your TIG welding following things should be kept in mind

  • To make sure the flow of the gas in the welder uses a gas lens in the TIG torch
  • Before working on any metal, makes sure that the surface of the material is clean
  • TIG welding is more difficult as compared to MIG welding, so follow the instructions of the machine before using it.



History of TIG welding

TIG welding is very old as it started from 1930 to 1940 during world war two as. This machine works extensively on magnesium and aluminum, so at that time, TIG welding was used to repair airplanes.

What we like

TIG welding is most prevalent in this era because of the following advanced features

  • TIG welding can be done on AC and DC currents in most of the welders
  • Modern technologies have been used in these welders, so there are many safety features and get quality and clean work without any burnt on the metal.
  • When you are doing TIG welding, it is free from spattering as it creates a problem with other Arc when compared
  • TIG welding can be done with or without filler metal, and advanced functions in the welder provide full control and perfect welding.
  • The small size, lightweight and portability of the welder make it easier to carry from one place to another.


What we don’t like

  • As this TIG welder is based and works on modern technologies, it’s essential to understand the instructions, so it will be tough to comprehend the newbie machine.

Our Recommendations

  • The flow rate of the gas should be 15-20 cfh range.
  • For thin material like more than 1/8 inches, consider using argon or helium gas to make the welding work more perfect.
  • Make sure to use AC power supply as soon as when possible
  • Try to use the cooling torch to secure the machine from overheating and melting.
  • Make sure to use the welder with a long torch to ensure you from any damage while working on the project.


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