Best Tig Welder Under $500 2021- Reviews And Buyers Guide

Welding is an ancient field. Some people choose this field for their profession and some for hobbies, but it won’t be easy for a newbie to select the right product at an affordable price like the best tig welder under 500.

To make it easy for you, we have reviewed some best tig welders under 500 according to their functionality.

Also, we give you a guarantee that you will have made the right decision for you and your welding machine by the end of this article.



Top 5 Best Tig Welder Under $500 2021


1-Mophorn TIG/MMA Plasma Cutter CT312 3 in 1 Combo Welding Machine

best tig welder under 500


             Key Features

  • Rated Duty Cycle: 60%
  • Output Current: 20-120 A
  • Efficiency: 85%

Are you searching for the best tig welder and have a low budget, then this welder is best for you because lots of features are included compared to others and are very cheap.

IGBT advanced technology has been used in the inverter welder, which maintains and controls the proper current in the welder and the size of the welder is small, so very easy to transport.

Also, the welder is lightweight, compact, and can be used in commercial projects and home use and to fulfill your hobbies.

The welder is very easy to use and can be switched in welding mode easily. Also, there is an LED panel that shows the amps and voltage used by the welder.

So you can say that it is a piece of cake to use the welder even for a newbie.

On the other hand, the welder uses a cooling system, saving the welder from overheating and any damage.

As the welder is compact and lightweight, it’s straightforward to transport it from one place to your commercial projects. To carry the welder, there is a handle on it.

The welder is suitable for welding standard thin steel, and iron also perfect for home DIY and general repairing work.

Mophorn TIG/MMA Plasma Cutter CT312 3 in 1 Combo Welding Machine Tig Welder 120A Arc Welder 120A Plasma Cutter 30A Plasma Cutting Machine Dual Voltage 110 220V multifunctional like it can work with TIG/Stick/Plasma Cutter.

Moreover, the welder’s LED panel makes it easier to understand and use because everything is displayed clearly.

Following things are included with this package

1 X Welder Main Body ,1 X TIG Torch ,3 X Set of Tungsten Needle Clip Diversion Pieces (Porcelain Mouth) ,1 X Cutting Torch ,3 X Set of Nozzle Electrodes (Porcelain Mouth) ,1 X MMA Clamp & Cable ,1 X Ground Clamp & Cable.

The manufacturer of the product is Mophorn, and the dimensions of the welder are 20 x 14 x 11 inches. Also the material used in the welder is the fine quality of steel.

  • Efficiency: 85%
  • Welder Type: TIG/MMA/Plasma cutter
  • Output Current: 20-120 A
  • Protection Degree: IP21S
  • Rated Duty Cycle: 60%
  • Power Factor:0.93
  • Consumption:4.2KVA
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Used for home and commercial projects
  • Very cheap and multifunctional
  • Some of the parts of the welder were missing
  • Sometimes the welder get overheated

2-HZXVOGEN 110V/220V Tig Welder

best budget tig welder


             Key Features

  • Duty cycle(%) is 60%
  • Efficiency (%) is 80%
  • Output current(A) is 30-200A

When we talk about cheap and affordable welding machines, then HZXVOGEN 110V/220V Tig Welder Pulse 200A Dual Voltage Arc Stick MMA Inverter IGBT Digital Welding Machine High-Frequency Digital Control is also on the top of the list.

The welder uses TIG pulse technology, which keeps the current constant from high amps to low amps and vice versa.

Moreover, the welder works well on thin metal and high heat conductive metals and gives you precise welding without burning it.

On the other hand, the welder uses the Arc function and can weld a 1.5-12mm thickness board. Also, the rods used in the welder are 2.5mm, 3.2mm, and 4.0mm.

Also, the welder has the function of anti-stick, which makes the Arc stick more easily.

While the welder is small in size so lightweight, and provides a useful and accurate current, it is more efficient.

On the other hand, there are four functions on the tig torch, which make it easier to check them over and under current and overheating of the welder and to test the welder’s gas.

The tig torch’s length is 4 meters long, so you can do your welding work from a distance and save yourself from any damage and accident.

It should also be noted that for different functions, you need to change the welder’s setting like for tig welding, the max amp on 110V is 120A, on 220V is 200A, for arc welding, the max amp on 110V is 90A, and on 220V is 170A.

Finally, the manufacturing company of the welder gives you one year of warranty. If you face any problem related to the product, then there are agents in the United States who repair the work, and if there is still a problem, then the company will replace the product.

The following of the accessories are included:
1pc x High frequency Tig torch , 1pc x Earth clamp ,1pc x Electrode holder ,1pc x Gas tube,1pc x Adapter cord,1pc x Tips set.

The manufacturer of the product is H HZXVOGEN, and the model number is V-HBT2000P as well. The welder’s weight is 23 pounds, and the dimensions are 14.68 x 5.31 x 9.44 inches.

Works well on 220 volts Special Features include pulse system, and the welder’s power source is AC.
Lastly, the welder’s color is black, and the Pattern of this affordable welder is TIG200P, 110V/220v. Also, the amps capacity is 200 Amps.

Here is a review of one of the satisfied user:
This is an excellent welder that had Spot weld, dc tig, pulse tig, and arc. It is a tiny and portable welder. This welder is an excellent bargain to buy. I recommend this to your friends

  • Model: TIG200P
  • Rated voltage(V) is 1phase AC220V+15%
  • Frequency Hz is 50/60Hz
  • Rated input current(A) is MMA:43.6A TIG:28A
  • No-load voltage is 59V
  • Output current(A) is 30-200A
  • Rated Output voltage(V)is MMA:28V TIG:18V
  • Duty cycle(%) is 60%
  • No-load loss(W) is 40W
  • Efficiency (%) is 80%
  • Power factor is 73%
  • Housing protection grade: IP21S
  • The multi-function design enables the machine to reach the requirement of welding for high quality
  • Pulsed-High performance on ultra-thin surfaces with no deformation
  • Compact and portable with a lightweight
  • Digital ammeters for easy viewing
  • Protections including over-heat, over-voltage, low-voltage and over-current
  • The pedal remote control is the perfect solution for a more comfortable and efficient position during the welding operation
  • Does not come with a regulator or tungsten

   3-Lincoln Electric K2278-1 Handy Core

best cheap tig welder


             Key Features

  • 35-88 amps output.
  • Welds up to 1/8 in. mild steel.
  • Plugs into household 115V, 20 amp outlets.

According to your budget, one of the best welding machines that can perform welding works as an expensive welder.

Lincoln Electric K2278-1 Handy Core can work on rugged steel, and the thickness of the steel should be 1/8 inches.

If you are doing household projects, then the amps capacity should be 20, and the voltage capacity should be 115V.

The manufacturing company of the welder gives one year of warranty on parts and labor of the welder.

Lincoln electric is very easy to set up and understand. Even a newbie can use it, and also the welder is small size and lightweight to transport from home to commercial projects.

The Handy Core wire feeder welder from Lincoln Electric is a tremendous asset when home repair or hobby projects are in your game plan.

In addition to this, it’s an excellent pick for welding 18 gauge to 1/8″ mild steel and comes with everything you need to get started fast.

The following of the accessories are included:

A gun and cable assembly, work lead, work clamp, and input power cable – all attached at the factory to save you time.

A spool of self-shielded, flux-cored wire electrode, welding hand shield, and chipping hammer/brush round out the lineup. So, don’t delay – add the Handy Core to your tool shed or garage today!

Lincoln Electric INC is the welder’s manufacturer; the part number of the welder is K2278-1. Also, the weight of the welder is 45 pounds, and the welder model number is K2278-1.

The installation method of this machine is Mig-welding. On the other hand, Product Dimensions are 8.82 x 17.99 x 12.8 inches.

Some satisfied customer reviews are here:

“Great welder to have for a beginner (like me). I was able to get some scrap metal and practice and have used to make some auto repairs. If you’re looking for something to have in the garage, then this is the welder for you.

I recommend a different helmet as I needed both hands to weld with, so I got one that auto dims once you start welding!

“I love this little machine. Easy to use and welds great. So far, several projects down. It is just flux core, but the brush is excellent for slag removal.

I recommend a dedicated 20amp circuit with a 12g extension cord no longer than 25′. This will give the machine the most ump. I welded 1/8″ plate steel right out of the box with no issues.

If you’re working on more considerable material, get a 220v gas mig machine. This machine is a perfect light-duty machine.”

“Good cheap welder feeds well great for building a fence. The worst thing on it is the cheap s,hoddy ground clamp.”

  • 35-88 amps output.
  • Welds up to 1/8 in. mild steel.
  • Plugs into household 115V, 20 amp outlets.
  • The cold contactor safety feature keeps welding wire electrically “cold” until the gun trigger is pressed.
  • Compact, portable, lightweight, and easy to use.
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Best cheap under 500
  • Very safe to do wedding jobs
  • Overheating problem

   4-HITBOX MIG Welder 200Amp Inverter MIG ARC Lift TIG Gas Gasless

under 500 tig welder


             Key Features

  • Inverter technology: IGBT
  • Brand name: HITBOX
  • Model: MIG200A

Best budget welder as it’s under 500, which is not much to spend if you want to carry your future and hobby in the field of welding.

Also, perform multi-functions and perform with MIG/ARC/LIFT TIG and available with gas and gasless both the options.

Well as this machine consumes 220V and can weld only on DC.

As the welder comes in both options like gas and gas, so to use these options, you need 1kg/ 5kg 0.8-1.0mm solid wire with gas welding iron;

it is a 0.8-1.0mm flux-cored wire without gas welding carbon steel and stainless steel.
On the other hand, this best budget welder is designed beautifully, and the Size of it is petite also, the weight of the machine is meager to carry and transport from one place to another.

Indeed the accessories of the welder are also included like:
MB15 MIG gun, earth clamp, electrode holder, gas tube, 1kg 1.0/0.8mm flux-cored wire, and portable plug, ready to use!

In addition to this, the manufacturing brand gives one year of warranty and solves the problems you face in the product you can contact customer care.

In detail, you can perform the following of the tasks:
For stainless steel and iron welding, Gas & No Gas self-shielded welding machine.
Also, Solid wire/flux-cored wire is selectable when doing MIG welding.

As well as Capable for the 5kg-5kg roll of welding wire, a 100% duty cycle can be reached when using 0.8mm wire.
Moreover, Functional machine with MIG, TIG, ARC function, maximum welding rod diameter up to 4.0mm.

On the other hand, this machine can be used with a power generator and easy operation for beginners.

If you are doing lift TIG welding, you need to insert argon gas. And the wp-17V torch is not included in this listing; if you need it, please kindly order it separately.

To use the welder properly, you need to know the use of different sizes of welding wire?
Which is given below?

As there is a wire feed roll in the machine. The parameter is 0.8mm V Wheel and 1.0mm Kurled Wheel. When using solid wire with gas, please choose a 0.8mm V Wheel.

Importantly when using flux-cored wire without gas, please choose a 1.0mm kurled wheel. When using a 1kg welding wire, please kindly take off the wire feeding shaft.

Additionally, if you want to do gasless MIG welding, you need to use flux-cored wire without gas.

The manufacturing company of this machine is SHENZHEN UNITWELD WELDING AND MOTOR, and the part number is UW-PLMIG200-1. Also, the welder’s weight is 19.4 pounds.

The model Number of the welder is MIG120, and the material used in the welder is Iron aluminum copper ABS.
The voltage capacity of the welder is 220V.

Some bad reviews which we have noticed are:

“I was going to buy it but, the deal-breaker was that it is only 220 volts, which is not practical; it should be dual voltage, like the other welders in the Hitbox line. Need to have both voltages, 120/240 volts. I ended up buying another one.”

“Also, Size is right; seems to be an excellent little welder. I have only used the stick so far, but it worked flawlessly.

The leads should be longer, and the power cable is smaller than it should be for the machine’s amperage.

If the MIG and TIG work, as well as the stick, does, then it will be well worth the price. This welder is best suited for the hobbyist.”

  • Brand name: HITBOX / Model: MIG200A
  • Inverter technology: IGBT
  • Input voltage: AV220±15%V / Frequency:50/60HZ
  • Max OCV:60V / Duty Cycle: 30%@200A
  • Power factor:0.73 / Post flow time:1.0±0.5
  • Packing dimension: 425*183*290mm / Wire diameter: 0.8/1.0mm
  • Applicable thickness: Over 0.8mm / Wire-feed speed:3-18m/min
  • The dimension of this welder is 20.08 x 16.14 x 13.39 inches
  • Perfect to use the welder at any side because of portability
  • Very easy to set up the welder
  • Well built and compact
  • Decent welding without having any experience
  • All accessories are included
  • Manual could be improved; it covers a wide range of machines of different series but doesn’t go into enough detail.
  • Sometimes the volt/amp controls locked up


5-Forney Easy Weld 298 Arc Welder 100ST, 120-Volt, 90-Amp,Green

tig welder under 500


             Key Features

  • Duty Cycle 30% @ 80A
  • Stick welder / Lift arc TIG capable
  • Welds 16 gauge up to 5/16″

Best tig welder on a budget that uses inverter power system and voltage input capacity is 120 volt and generate output on 90 amps.

On the other hand, this machine can significantly work on a rod of 1/8 inches.

In addition to this, the welder is small in size and is portable, and beginners in this field can use it easily.

As modern technology has been used in the welder, which makes the Arc strict easier to maintain and repair the welder is very easy.

Following the accessories are included in the package:

As the welder can work on electrodes, eight electrodes are included, and eight ground clamps are there in the package.

The limitation of this welder is that there is no foot pedal included in its accessories. Also, there are

Steel Ground Clamp, 300 AMP, Medium Duty Electrode Holder, 200 AMP, Straight Head Chipping Hammer, Argon/CO2 Flow Meter, Ground Cable & Clamp, 150 AMP, 15′, Electrode Holder w/ Cable, 150 AMP, 15’,9V TIG Torch (Size 25 Dinse), TIG Welding Ceramic Cup-tie Welding Torch Collet, 1/16, TIG Welding Torch Collet Body, 1/16,2% Thoriated Tungsten Electrode

The manufacturing company of the machine is FORNEY INDUSTRIES INC, and the welder model number is 298. Also, the weight of the welder is 13.74 pounds and available in the market in green color.

Product dimensions are 16.25 x 8 x 12.5 inches, and the material used in the welder is Metal, while the welder’s power source is Corded-Electric.

The machine’s voltage consumption is 120 volts. The amps capacity is addition to this, the welder’s measurement system is metric, and stick welding is also included in it.

Lastly, the manufacturing company gives 12 months of warranty.

Also, this welder has some bad reviews, which are given below:

“First of all, it does absolutely nothing except spark around. 6011 and 7018 rods do not work despite other reviews, it’s just not possible.

In addition to this, In 1 hr, I could get a few arcs and make a bead for 2-3 seconds. This was the most frustrating machine I’ve ever seen.

Also, you’d need a 1/16 rod or smaller, something I’m just not willing to do because it’s just not ever going to weld anything thicker than a few pieces of notebook paper in thickness.

My Weller 51 soldering gun would probably do a better job as a welder than this.”

Another lousy review is given below:

Not worth the price. For years, I have been welding this welder for small DIY home projects to give my shop welder a break.

This welder does not handle 6010 or 7018 well at all. It struggles to hold an arc even with 1/16 rods, save you money and buy a different setup.

  • Welds 16 gauge up to 5/16″
  • Handles up to 1/8″ electrode (except 7018)
  • 120-volt input
  • 90 AMP output
  • Duty Cycle 30% @ 80A
  • Unit Weight: 9.65 lbs.
  • Unit Dimensions: L 12″ x W 5.5″ x H 10.5″
  • Stick welder / Lift arc TIG capable
  • Small in size and lightweight
  • Important components are included
  • Perfect for small jobs
  • Very good for those who want to learn to weld
  • Best budget as compared to other welders
  • Cannot be used  on bigger projects

Things to consider before buying the best TIG welder under $500

Many factors can affect your buying process, and the below-given facets will clear your mind about all the aspects while buying the best TIG welder under $500.

Portability and small size 

We think that the welder’s portability makes it more versatile if you are doing commercial projects and you need to transport the machine from one project to the other.

On the other hand, if the machine is heavy and not portable, it can create problems while carrying the welder.

Also, if you do work at your shop and small repair at your garage and have a tiny place, then a bigger size of the machine makes problems while storing, so try to get the welding machine in small size and compact.

Warranty and price

As in this blog post, we discuss the best budget TIG welder or best TIG welder on a budget, so try to search for the machines that should be available in the perfect price range and work like professional welders.

Another critical factor is the welder warranty, and different machine warranty varies from 6 months to 5 years, so get the machine with the full warranty so you can save some money.

Easy to use the welder

If the welding machine is easy to use, then there are greater chances for perfect welds on the metal, and if you are going to buy the best TIG welder for under $500, you will find a more fantastic opportunity for easy-to-use machines.

TIG welder in this price range mostly uses adjustable settings and amperage and also voltage and current settings.

Dual voltage capacity

You can get a single power welder if you do only one type of work, like for home 120v welding machine is perfect while a 240v welder is great for industrial use.

We will recommend picking the best TIG welder under $500 with dual voltage capacity so you can use it for any project you want.

Advanced technologies

It will be advisable to pick a welding machine that uses advanced inverter technologies that provide greater power to the welder and increase the performance.

On the other hand, to make the welder durable and long-lasting different safety features and technologies are used like thermal, IGBT, and many more.

Duty cycle

The duty cycle is one of the essential factors to consider and determine your machine’s working hours, like how much time you can work continually before cooling the device.

Always longer duty cycle is recommended, and you can find a variety of best TIG welders under $500 with a higher duty cycle.

Amperage range 

Amperage range means the amount of power produced to heat the Arc, and higher amperage range means high heat to the Arc, and lower means less heat, so both of these ranges are not recommended.

Try to get the best budget TIG welder with an amperage range between 15 to 200 amps, which is the perfect range.

Frequently asked questions

Can TIG welder create slag and spatters?

You don’t need to worry about the slag and spatters while doing TIG welding, but there are chances of spatters in MIG welding.

Is under $500 TIG welder any good?

Some of the best TIG welder under $500 create unmatchable welds on the metal like expensive welders and make more accurate welds as compared to MIG welding.

Are TIG Welders cost-effective?

Yes, TIG welders are more cost-effective and energy-saving as compare to MIG welders, as advanced inverter technologies are used to make them more efficient and cost-effective.

Is TIG welder environmentally friendly?

As TIG welding machines use argon and it escapes into the atmosphere, which is not dangerous to the environment, so it’s environmentally friendly.

Final verdict                      

We hope you have got all your answers regarding the best TIG welder under $500 and made your mind pick one buddy according to your requirements.

If you want to do welding on steel and aluminum, then we will recommend grabbing AC/DC welding machine which will fulfill your needs.

If you want a multi-processing dual voltage welding machine, then Mophorn TIG/MMA Plasma Cutter CT312 3 in 1 Combo is recommended as it’s a 3 in 1 combo welding machine and our top pick.




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