Best Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Under 100 (Reviews & Buyers Guide)

A welding helmet is one of the essential components in welding process as it makes sure to secure your face and eyes from any damage.


The market is full of a welding helmet with different prices and many of the welders also look best auto darkening welding helmet under 100.


Also, keep in mind that the helmet under 100 also includes expensive helmets and are equally important.


On the other hand, due to many welding helmets in the market, they may confuse you in choosing the product.


Don’t worry, and we are here to help you as our team has reviewed eight best auto darkening welding helmet under 100.

Best 8 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Under 100


1-Hobart 770890



Best auto darkening welding helmet under 100



Hobart 770890 is our top pick and best auto darkening welding helmet under 100 due to unbeatable features and controls.


The helmet’s viewing area is 9.3 square inch and provides you with widescreen for better and clear visibility.


Luckily there are four arc sensors within a small amount of money which attract most of the welders to buy this fantastic helmet.


On the other hand, to make it more versatile, auto on/off advanced features and sensitivity and delay feature control it.


Lastly, grind mode to prevent it from the screen’s darkening to make sure visible grinding.


Overall its best product in a given range while in little amount, but the only complaint from the welders is that controls are not user friendly.


Technical information


1.25 pounds weight

11.8 x 14 x 12 inches helmet dimensions

The model number is 770890

1 CR2 battery required 


  • Affordable price

  • Large viewing screen

  • Different settings to adjust the helmet according to your requirements

  • Two years of product warranty

  • Four arc sensors

  • The helmet does not work by facing the sun.


2-Hobart 770869 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet



welding helmet



Are you on budget and looking best auto darkening welding helmet under 100 then look at this Hobart 770869 designed beautifully.


On the other hand, Hobart is one of the trust brands providing welding helmet from a very long time, and you can blindly trust its products.


In addition to this, 7.1 square inches, large viewing area provide you with accurate and perfect visibility of the worksheet.


Different three independent arc sensors make sure to provide you with dependable arc detection. Prevent darkening lens grind mode, and it is good to give you precise and perfect visible grinding.


Magnifying glasses used in this Hobart welding helmet will get the option of batteries replacement when existing die.


Keep in mind that Hobart 770869 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet is battery powered not solar powered.


This helmet’s measurement system is metric and Lithium type of battery cell used with long life.


As a professional and hobbyist, this helmet is recommended, readily available in the market at a reasonable price.


Technical details 


The weight of the helmet is only 1.15 pounds

11.8 x 14 x 12 inches helmet dimensions

770869 model number

1 CR2 battery required.

  • Recommended welding helmet for professional and personal use

  • Large viewing area

  • Three independent arc sensors

  • Available in pretty shape

  • Grind mode used

  • Sometimes battery creates problems which can be dangerous while switching it on and off.

3-Welding Helmet ADF-210S





One of the best buddies with lots of features

 and can be used in the intense welding process.


 Different modes used in the helmet for various functionalities

 like grinding, cutting and welding on other applications.


 The helmet is equally perfect for professional and also for hobby and even doing small home tasks.


The designing is beautiful, and the helmet’s body is powerful to perform day-to-day welding, cutting, and different other tasks.


Moreover, the helmet is very light while providing a large viewing area like 3.86*2.4 to offer you perfect visibility to the worksheet.


As we already told you, the buddy’s design is modern with catching colour, and easy digital control helps you adjust it according to work.


One of the main reasons for this helmet in the list is that you will get many other accessories with it like gloves, carrying bag and also spare lens within the given price.


There are hundreds of positive reviews for this product which will increase your confidence in this product.


If you are a professional welder, you can use it in many industries like construction, automation, food, manufacturing and many more.


The conversion rate from dark to light of the helmet is 1/25000 sec which is very fast, and you can use it on the solar system.


On/off system is automatic, and you can replace the batteries available in significantly less price. If it’s receiving low voltages, then you will be informed by the alarm.


 Technical details


3.24 pounds is the weight of the helmet

8 x 9 x 12 inches product dimensions

Digital control auto is the model number.

Available in black colour

  • You can use it on batteries and also on the solar system.

  • Affordable price range

  • Some extra accessories 

  • Best for hobbyist and professionals

  • Can be used in many of the industries

  • Two years of extended warranty

  • Batteries included with the package.

  • Create problems in cloudy daylight

4-Hobart 770866





Look at Hobart 770866 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet, Hobart’s top-selling product and Amazon choice while the price is nothing but some dollars.


Many of the welders don’t like this helmet because made from china, but we assure you that you will get every feature in this buddy like expensive helmets.


Improved and modern digital designing and eye-catching colour of the helmet make you fond of the product.


More importantly, three arc sensors used to provide you dependable arc detection and grinding mode help the lens prevent from darkening to help you for a clear view.


By purchasing Hobart 770866 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet, you will also get lens kit in that price.


The complaint we received about this welder is that the headband is little tricky to adjust and welding filter cartridge is loose due to this light leak in.


Also, the helmet is lightweight, but if you do welding projects that takes a long time, it feels heavy.


Technical information


1.15 pounds weight of the helmet

Product dimensions are 11.8 x 14 x 12 inches

770866 is the model number

The material used is Polyamide-Nylon

The lithium battery type used

  • Three arc sensors

  • Designed in a modern way

  • Best helmet for professional and personal use

  • Lightweight

  • Perfect price range

  • Headband is loose

5-Antra Welding Helmet Auto Darkening A77D





Best auto-darkening welding helmet under 100 with passive filter permanent shade 14 provides you auto-dimming LCD shutter to offer you proper protection and security.


Fully automatic lens and a large viewing area

 of 3.86*3.23 to provide you proper eye on the welding work and better control.


When you view your whole work efficiently, you can perform better, like doing accurate welds and preventing accidental changes.


The helmet is g for tight spaces and perfect for visible light jobs like aluminium TIG welding.


To increase the performance, four arc sensors used are highly responsive for detecting and controlling the units and provide fast switching time for auto shading and reduce the eye stress.


Technical information


Weight of the helmet is 1.1 pounds

Helmet model number is A77D

Product dimensions are 12 x 8 x 7 inches

2 CR2 batteries required

Size of the helmet is 3.86X3.23″ (4/5-9/9-14)

Available in Matt Black colour

3.86X3.23 is the viewing area

Batteries included with the package

  • Affordable price range

  • Amazon best selling helmet

  • Quick response time for darkening

  • Versatile helmet with 14 shade options

  • Hood is perfect for indoor projects.

  • The auto-darkening function works intermittently

6-Holulo Welding Helmet





You will not believe that this Holulo beautiful red welding helmet is available significantly less price like its under $60 only.


While this buddy’s working is like expensive helmets and features and settings are very easy and adjustable according to the requirements.


On the other hand, this product’s working capacity is on batteries and the solar system, and the lithium batteries capacity is 60mah.


In addition to this to increase the helmet’s life, you can use solar technology and can charge automatically.


 Holulo Welding Helmet uses the auto-dimming system, and arc sensor dims from 1/25000 seconds to position the solder joint.


Automatic sense technology and the quick adjustment in no time and eyes protection features and many more make this helmet more amazing.


 Makes the head and neck more comfortable while working on long projects, the helmet’s weight is minimal.


Moreover, the lens used is fully automatic for darkening function, and you don’t need to worry about flipping the hood up and down because it’s not losing.


To easily convert the helmet from welding to grinding, an external Grinding switch makes your work easier.


If we talk about the shade, then there is 13 to UV/IR combined with dual-layered auto dimmer LCD shutter.


This helmet provides you perfect shade range from 9 to 13, and for your protection there is full face courage that saves you from spatters and other harmful radiant.


We like Holulo Welding Helmet for all these safety features and other options like large viewing area, durability, anti-fog, heat resistant and many other options.


You can use it for personal and professional projects and can be used in many industries as the perfect choice for plasma cuts, wheel cutting, and even TIG, MIG, and stick welding.


Technical details

1.15 pounds weight

10 x 8 x 8 inches helmet dimensions

Available in Red spider colour

The material used is PVC

  • Solar power to save energy

  • Automatic emphasis on/off system

  • Very low in weight

  • Can be used for many projects

  • Fully automatic lens

  • Eye and face protection options

  • Easy to switch from grinding to welding

  • Take time to convert in darken mode

7-Hobart 770867





Hobart brand is very famous in producing quality welding helmets within a perfect and affordable price range and serving the industry from a very long time.


You can trust Hobart 770867 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet blindly because it’s one of the world’s trusted brands.


The viewing area of the helmet is 7.1 square inch, and widescreen makes sure to provide you with proper and improved visibility of the work.


There are three independent arc sensors for arc detection and use grind mode to prevent the lens from darkening to provide you clear and visible grinding.


 Provide you with adjustable settings that help to do work easy, there is headgear in the helmet, and the analogue control system adjusts the shade.


Lastly, to make the helmet more comfortable, automatic on/off power triggers lens by pressing an arc.


The price is little more than Holulo Welding Helmet, but the modern digital designing and controls are excellent.


Technical details 


12 inches is the length of the helmet

Available in blue colour

Can be used in MIG, TIG and stick welding

Darkest Shade Number is 13

Polyamide nylon shell is in this helmet

Lightest Shade Number is 9

Reaction Time is 0.00004 sec (1/25,000 sec)

The battery is as a power source

  • Large viewing area

  • Modern design

  • Three independent arc sensors

  • Protective lens kit with the package

  • Grind mode prevents lens.



    8-Hobart 770870





    Another Hobart welder in our list of Best auto-darkening welding helmet under 100 because of the world’s trusted brand and good quality of the product.

    Hobart 770870 has a larger viewing area of 7.1 square inches with widescreen to provide you proper and improved visibility of your worksheet.

    The features of this helmet are almost the same as Hobart 770867 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet.

    And the price range is also the same, but there is a colour difference.

    You will see three independent arc sensors that provide dependable arc detection and grind mode to prevent the lens from darkening for unmistakable grinding.

    There is headgear to provide you with many adjustment settings and adjust the shade analogue controls used.

    An automatic on/off power control triggers lens by clicking an arc to decrease your workload.

    There is no complaint regarding this product, but many of the welders hesitate to buy this helmet because it is from China.

    Technical information

    Model Number is 770870

    1.15 pounds weight of the helmet

    11.8 x 14 x 12 inches product dimensions

    Helmet, Protective Lens Kit is with the package

    Lithium battery cell used

    • Larger viewing area

    • Analogue controls

    • Different arc sensors

    • Versatile and different adjustable settings

    • you can use Magnifying cheater lens 

    • Grind mode prevents lens


    • Little costly as compared to other helmets